RERP and ADBL signed an agreement

9th March 2021: Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project (RERP) partner banking institution Agriculture Development Bank Limited (ADBL) signed an agreement with the project in providing credit and other banking services to the eligible beneficiaries of RERP in complete package comprising all supply chain actors as per prevailing ADBL's standard policies, guidelines and practices. As per the agreement ADBL will also provide the Government's subsidized loan and project-based loan to eligible RERP beneficiaries as stated in the ADBL’s policies and guidelines.

During the signing ceremony the separate MoU has been signed in the presence of Chief Executive Officer ADBL. Attendees on behalf of RERP were─ Project Manager, Mr Shalik Ram Dahal; Account Officer, Mr Ajay Bartaula; Rural Finance Specialist, Mr Santosh Adhikari including the Financial Inclusion Officers, Corridor Coordinators and staffs.

From the ADBL Chief Executive Officer─ Mr Anil Upadhyaya; Province 1 Director─ Mr Bashu Adhikari; Province 2 Director─ Mr Rajesh Shreevastav and Branch Managers and related officials participated the signing event at Hotel Godhuli, Lahan. Other participants in the event were chairpersons from Siraha District- Lahan CCI, Cooperatives and Project generated Producer Groups.