RERP accelerated migrant's returnee reintegration program

Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project (RERP) “Samriddhi” in collaboration with project partner Dhankuta Municipality initiated Business Scoping Training to Covid-19 returnee migrants. In coordination of Project established Migrants Resource Centre (MRC), Dhankuta returnees’ data together with application was collected to initiate a reintegration program. The program aims at providing immediate support for those migrant workers who have lost jobs in the destination countries; are interested in starting up small scale enterprises in Nepal. The reintegration program at large expects returnees to create micro and small enterprises as a means of developing local businesses. Those returnees who are returning to Nepal are better able to gain the full benefits of migration as a transformative step in their families' economic livelihoods. So, they also do not need to re migrate in search of work at foreign countries. During the training returnees were technically supported in selecting appropriate business with the business plan.

A total of 23 needful returnees were selected for the training out of which 18 eligible persons have been selected for Grant Support of (US $ 1100). This financial support is being provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Nepal. In relation to the grant support program for Covid-19 Pandemic returnee IOM in collaboration with RERP in Dhankuta Municipality has also provided immediate cash support of (US $ 350). The existing and new enterprises eg; small retail shops, goat rearing, piggery and green vegetable farming has been promoted.

Building on progress made during project organized training/meetings/workshop events on the reintegration program in the last few months RERP has initiated to provide support in designing a sound migration and reintegration policy and related programmes to local government. The main aim of these policies and programmes is to facilitate investing the savings of the returnee migrants and use their newly acquired skills in setting up micro and small-scale enterprises and start-ups so that they are able to secure a livelihood. The policy is aimed at providing consistency, increased accountability and clarity which would provide the local government with choices and alternatives during the decision-making process. It would act as a direct link to the activities of RERP including providing decent job opportunities through training, apprenticeship, support, and job placements while mobilizing the migrant resources and skills.  RERP organized 6 consultation workshops with project partnered namely─ Dhankuta, Maynglung, Siddhicharan, Chandrapur, Gaur and Kolhabi Municipalities on sample migration and reintegration policy in technical support of Access Advisory and Central for Migration and International Relations (CMIR), Kathmandu.