Project signed matching grants support with agri traders

During the first week of May 2021, the RER Project signed agreement with project partnered agriculture traders at the project management office, Itahari- Sunsari. The matching grants fund support of the project is aimed to promote and strengthen agri-business and make project selected 5 supply chain namely─ Green Vegetable, Milk, Fish, MAPs and Goat commodities more sustainable.

As per the co-investment provision made under SAMRIDDHI FUND Guideline B.S. 2076, Expression on Interests (EOIs) were received from varied agri-traders. Then field verification and detail evaluation of those proposals were made by the project team.  Only eligible proposals were approved by the project and were asked for the detail business plan. Those eligible business plans were evaluated by the Corridor Investment Committee at corridor level and Project Investment Committee at the central level for final recommendation to be approved.

A total of 11 proposals under grant support─ three on Window 3 and eight on Window 2 (i.e. 3 green vegetables, 3 milk, 4 fish and 1 MAPs) have been signed until the date for grants support be received. During Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing, Project Manager Mr Shalk Ram Dahal, related project staffs assigned on supply chain activities and respective proponents made their presence. The MoU signing event also made final negotiation on budget and activities to be accomplished as per the guideline B.S. 2076. A common understanding has also been agreed between both parties to intensify on the idea of collective marketing and related input services by the proponents.