Proceeding of skill testing of 9320 youths supported by Samriddhi Project

An agreement between National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) and Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project – SAMRIDDHI was signed at NSTB office Bhaktapur on 23rd September 2021.

On behalf of National Skill Testing Board, the agreement was signed by Mr. Tek Bahadur Malla, Director of National Skill Testing Board and Mr. Keshav Sharma Ghimire, Deputy Director whereas on behalf of SAMRIDDHI Project Mr. Shalik Ram Dahal, Project Manager and Mr. Bal Mukunda Neupane, Team Leader of the subcomponent 1.3 (Decent Jobs) was presented.

Abiding to the mandatory provision of NSTB to have agreement with the concerned project for conducting skill test of the skills trainees, the agreement has been done. Now this agreement opens door to proceed for the skill testing of 9320 youths who are being trained under the second-round service procurement for Vocational Skill Training of SAMRIDDHI.