A Young Man's Story of Being Enterpreneur through Skills Training

Rajiv Kumar Shah (age 23), an inhabitant of ward number 17 of Itahari Sub metropolitan city, had no interest in study. Hence, he dropped his study while he was in grade 12. After quitting study, he did not stay idle rather started providing electrician services by visiting customers’ places. Since he was inclined to electricity related tasks from his childhood, he chose the occupation. Though he started to work as an electrician, he did not have in depth technical knowledge due to not having any formal training of the subject. Recalling his experience of working as an untrained electrician, Rajiv says, “At that time when I was working as an electrician, my daily earning used to be around NRs. 300. As I did not have sound technical knowhow of the occupation, there was no guarantee of getting work every day. Sensing this fact, I was searching for opportunity to hone my skills and establish myself in the market”. After sometimes, one of his friends who was aware of his pursuit, informed him of announcement of ‘AC and Refrigerator Mechanic Training’. Excitedly, he further says, “As the subject of the training matched my interest and the training was taking place in my own vicinity, I applied for the training without making any delay”. Finally, he got selected for the training which was conducted by Jayan College of Technology Private Limited under SAMRIDDHI, a project of Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MoICS) which is being funded by International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and technically supported by Helvetas Nepal. As the matter of the training matched his interest, he attended the training regularly. He keenly participated in the practical session. With gratefulness in his tone, he says, “Since my childhood, I had a call that I would work in the field of mechanics. I used to think that I would earn by involving in this field. Now I have achieved my dream through Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Mechanic Training.

His present days are strikingly distinguished from those old days when he used to work as an untrained electrician. At that time, he was paid meagerly and there was no certainty of getting work the next day. However, after getting the training, he has got a fixed occupation. Due to his enhanced and certified skills, the demand of his work is increasing. Now he does not need to visit houses to offer his service rather his clients themselves visit him to get his services at his workshop which is in Balgram Chowk of Itahari.

After the completion of the training, he started his workshop with the investment of NRs. 10,000. With that money, he bought basic tools and borrowed an old rack from his friends. Now his parents have become old, and he is the sole bread earner of the family. His monthly income is around 20,000. He has started to do daily saving of NRs. 100 in a local cooperative. He is confident of getting well established in this very occupation. He shares his future plan, “To expand my occupation, I am planning to invest two lakh rupees. For that I am in the process of obtaining loan from the financial institutions. If other unemployed youths are also offered such technical trainings, there is ample opportunities for them to be employed.” He concluded the conversation by appreciating SAMRIDDHI Project for its emphasis on job placement after the training completion and regular follow up of the graduates even after they are employed.