लैंङ्गिक कार्य सिकाई कार्यशाला, लालगढ-धनुषा

RER Project, Janakpur Corridor Office in coordination with JP-RWEE organized GALS Workshop from 2020-02-12th till 17th at Bauwa Hotel, Dhanusha. 25 Women Farmers Group Members from Mithila Municipality, Dhanusha together with 9 Staff members were capacitated on GALS Methodology. Tribhuban Paudel, National TA facilitated the workshop program. The workshop program was preceeded having following specific objectives-

  • Share practical experience & learning on the basic tools and principles of GALS;
  • Capacitate high-risk families via GALS tools to be linked on supply chain process;
  • Introduce social mentoring service in the community;
  • Build capacity of high-risk families in taking lead role in their community;
  • Gain skills, knowledge and attitude to facilitate GALS change catalyst process;
  • Planning for peer sharing and replication