Dialogue Event Organized at Platform on Migration and Development (PMD) in Dhankuta

4th January 2022: Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project (RERP) with the coordination support of Dhankuta Municipality organized “One Day Program: Platform on Migration and Development (PMD). The objectives of this program were, to find out ways to effective services of Migration Resource Centre (MRC); to conduct dialogue in making MRC sustainable; to discuss on reintegration policy; discuss on MRC operation guideline and to support local government in implementing legal obligations regarding foreign employment and reintegration.

Mayor/Chairperson, Chief Administration Officer, Employment Coordinators from 7 local municipalities of Dhankuta district, Under Secretary of Foreign Employment Board (FEB), International Organization for Migration (IOM) representatives from Safer Migration Project, RER Project representatives, staffs from Migrants Resource Center, NIDS Nepal representative, including district-level stakeholders, returnee migrants participated the one-day PMD program.

During the program representatives discussed on ─ Services delivered by Migrants Resource Center an initiation of Dhankuta Municipality towards migration and returnee reintegration, foreign employment board and its services to rescue migrant worker as welfare action. The reintegration program is launched in Dhankuta by IOM and NIDS in collaboration with Dhankuta Municipality and RERP. During the program it was also highlighted that Dhankuta Municipality as the first mover local government that passed the returnee reintegration policy, 2021 in technical support of RERP/IFAD.

IOM representative during the event clarified on the need of returnee reintegration program based on the different research reports. Foreign Employment Board highlighted on effort and coordination to make migrants resource center effective in Dhankuta. The local level representatives of Dhankuta expressed their commitment to continue and make MRC sustainable also after handed over by RERP. Dhankuta Municipality is dedicated to pass the MRC operation guideline and integrate structured MRC in municipality organization system for its sustainability.